Meet Mr. Mocha and Cocoa

They have been fed Purina One Lamb and Rice with half a bag of Moist and Meaty ever since they were puppies Cocoa is 8 years old and Mr. Mocha is 6years old. Me and my wife opened a pet supply store in Oct 2015 and went to the Pet Expo in Orlando in March 2016. That’s when we discovered Petchup. It was catchy name and we stopped and got information and samples of the product. We went home and gave our dogs the sample and our dogs went crazy over it. We ordered it for our store and became customers as well.

Little background Mr. Mocha is not picky and will eat anything I give him. Now, Cocoa on the other hand is very picky as a matter of fact she did not like the little triangle pieces in Purina One and would spit them out on the floor (Don’t worry Mr. Mocha is an excellent house keeper). The day that we started putting Petchup on the Purina One and we stopped mixing with Moist and Meaty she now eats all of her dinner.

They have now been on Petchup for about 3 months and when I fix their bowls at night they both do a little dance with their front paws and the speak to me as if they were saying HURRY UP and feed us. Their coats are soft and shiny and Mr. Mocha has energy that he hasn’t had in a while. We are completely sold on this product and highly recommend it to you as well as our customers.

Stephen & Pamela Bilbruck Belleview, FL